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The Sea Lion -- Hildie McQueen
The Sea Lion

Jaded Luke -- Hildie McQueen

Brash Frederick -- Hildie McQueen
Brash: Frederick

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Brush: Frederick -- Hildie McQueen

Brash: Frederick

Brash hero meets methodical beauty...

Loner Frederick Edwards is dispatched to fetch his sister’s groom after running him off.  When he stops at a ranch along the way as a favor to a friend, he ends up accepting a job as a ranch hand.  Now he has two problems, fixing the wedding mess he created and staying away from the enticing ranch owner.

Kennedy Brooks is stuck.  Although she loves her ranch, it’s too much for her to handle alone. Between selling the ranch, a persistent ex and her unruly pet goats, there is enough turmoil in her life without the added distraction of the drop-dead gorgeous new ranch hand.

A sexy holiday story of attraction, realizations and sugarplum fairies.

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